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Crohiba is an open source, peer-to-peer digital asset, that will be the Shiba Inu of the Cronos blockchain.

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Why Crohiba

What's with Crohiba?
Crohiba is the ShibaInu of the Cronos Blockchain.
Crohiba is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital asset, on the Cronos blockchain, favored by reptiles worldwide.
Friendly currency
Crohiba sets itself apart from other digital assets with a new, vibrant community made up of friendly reptiles just like you.

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1 Billion


Crohiba is a community-driven project with solid tokenomics.

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Why Cronos Blockchain?

Cronos Wants to Dominate DeFi TVL. With a community roadmap for 2022, the network aims to be one of the top 5 public blockchains by TVL by the end of the year. It has already devised a way to do this: providing better infrastructure for developers, better interoperability, and expansion of its DeFi, Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT ecosystems.


Phase 01
✔ Deployment of the Movement
✔ Launch on MMF
✔ Initial marketing push
-Cronoscan verified
-Crohiba shop
-Merchandise section on our website that will allow users to purchase $Crohiba merchandise.

Phase 02
-Crohiba Wallet Staking & Tracking platform on Web, iOS and Android
-$Crohiba Play to earn game
-Coinbase listing
-Hotbit listing
-Trending on all listings platforms
-Dextool trending

Phase 03
-Global marketing
-Listing on CMC & CG
-Crohiba Bsc bridge
-Listing $Crohiba on to more decentralized exchanges
-$Crohiba NFT & Meme competitions
-Crohiba Swap
-Crohiba Nft marketplace
-2022 Qatar World Cup Travel Packages giveaway 100M marketcap

How to buy Crohiba?

How to buy ?

For bridging you get 2 CRO for gas fees